Trying To Get Home

— Released 2002 —

Catalogue ID # CH042

Product Description

CD sold out, digital sales only (320 kbps MP3).

2002 debut for country enigmas Wagons, before their string of acclaimed albums for Spunk Records.

United by the love of the music of Scott Walker, Lee Hazelwood, Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond and the harmonies of the Louvin’ Brothers, five school friends banded together in the late 90’s to perform the songs of their enigmatic leader, Henry Wagons.

Wagons quickly became a formidable band, honing their skills at every opportunity. Henry Wagons’ deep, deep voice and outstanding songwriting resonate through all of the bands material, recalling Johnny Cash in his prime, with a mean streak a mile wide, but also capable of great sentiment.

Bass player Steve “Harmony” Hassett’s nickname is nothing if not accurate, as he provides the wonderful layered vocal harmonies heard in many of the bands songs. Richard Blazé wields a fearsome axe, his guitar licks expertly played and thoughtfully placed. Both Mark “Tuckerbag” Dawson and Si ‘The Philanthropist” Francis play drums, washboard and extra percussion, keeping a unique marching beat.

Henry likens the Wagons listening experience to “being thrust into a brick wall and then sitting down in a comfortable recliner”.

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