Midnight Meditations

— Released 2020 —

$12.00 inc GST

Catalogue ID # CH171

Product Description

Midnight Meditations is a new compilation of contemplative, late night downbeat and ambient sounds, supported by a COVID-related grant from the City Of Melbourne,

Chapter has curated fourteen previously unreleased tracks from Australian-based artists, designed to help listeners through long dark nights of the soul.

Tracks range from the synth experiments of Brisbane duo Yirinda, featuring Butchulla songman Fred Leone, to 80s and 90s archival recordings from Chapter artists David Chesworth and Letraset.

There are new or never-before-heard tracks from The Green Child (Mikey Young from Total Control with Raven Mahon from Grass Widow), Dick Diver singer R. Edwards, Melbourne-via-Wellington megastar Sarah Mary Chadwick, Native Cats frontwoman Chloe Alison Escott, renowned Vietnamese-Australian composer Carolyn Schofield aka Fia Fiell.

Midnight Meditations is designed to be listened to as an album. Deep-thought electronics from Gallery B flow into new age tranquillity from Thomas Hardisty. Monastic harmonium from Ela Stiles sits alongside abstract pop from Punko. There’s a 7 minute synth-prog exploration from Alex Macfarlane, and even a song plaintively dedicated to Missy Higgins by Chapter founder Guy Blackman.

Consider Midnight Meditations a guide for nights when sleep is elusive, and dawn a distant mirage.

Cover artwork is by Riley Jones of The Goon Sax, with lettering by Charlie Henderson from Drug Store Romeos.