Deleted Scenes

— Released 2013 —

Catalogue ID # CH097

Product Description

Deleted Scenes is the debut album by futurist dub pop duo Standish/Carlyon, comprising Conrad Standish (bass/vocals) and Tom Carlyon (guitar/electronics), both formerly of shadowy rock group Devastations.

Deleted Scenes continues the process begun on the final Devastations album Yes, U, moving away from full-band arrangements towards submerged electronic rhythms and late-night altered states.

The atmosphere throughout is one of surreal chic. In rich baritone or impressive falsetto, Standish intones dark, absurdist lyrics over the band’s shimmering take on dub, a sensual, ultramodern gloss disturbed by deep vibrations.

There’s the pulse-quickening progression of Moves, Moves, the spectral faux-soul of Feb Love(featuring vocals from Standish’s wife Jonnine, one-half of HTRK), the icy grind of Gucci Mountain, the synthetic/fractured funk of Nono/Yoyo or the deviant denouement that is 2 5 1 1, a collaboration with Benjamin John Power of Blanck Mass and Fuck Buttons.

The album was recorded in London with Aaron Cupples and mastered by the iconic Denis Blackham, who has worked with everyone from Jimi Hendrix to Pan Sonic.

Standish/Carlyon have played Belgium’s Sonic City Festival (curated by Liars) alongside Chris & Cosey and Rhythm & Sound, as well as All Tomorrow’s Parties’ new Australian incarnation I’ll Be Your Mirror, alongside the likes of My Bloody Valentine, Pere Ubu and Einsturzende Neubauten.

Deleted Scenes is released in Australia by Chapter Music, with a US release on New York label Felte.