Kitchen Tea Thankyou

— Released 2005 —

Catalogue ID # CHD001

Product Description

Minimum Chips’ one and only studio album, originally recorded and released in 2005 on Trifekta Records, more than a decade after the band had formed.
Here’s what reviewer Sophie Best had to say in the Age at the time:
“The long-awaited full-length debut by delicate pop deconstructionists Minimum Chips transcends its locality. Kitchen Tea Thankyou is a surprising, intoxicating work evoking the exotic and faraway, rather than the local and familiar. The musicians are from Melbourne by way of Brisbane but their music could not sound further from here. A dozen pieces of gently psychedelic electronica variously conjure up the digital glaze of a Japanese metropolis or the romantic haze of 1960s Paris. This is visionary, trippy and playful music, distinguished by the breathy, austere voice of Nicole Thibault.
The songs are impressive collages of words and sound, mainly driven by haughty organs and glitzy synths, with electric guitars crackling into the forefront on rock-influenced numbers such as Trouble Free. Production is shared by singer-guitarist-percussionist Julian Patterson and Machine Translations’ Greg Walker, who have created fluorescent textures and shimmering surfaces that don’t entirely disguise the home-made charm suggested in the title. Highlights: the icily winsome Lady Grey and the giddy, kitschy pop of Snow Peas.”