Pass Through Here

— Released 2015 —

Catalogue ID # CH115

Product Description

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New album from Connecticut folk icon Kath Bloom, returning to Chapter Music for her first album since 2009’s tribute compilation Loving Takes This Course, which featured covers of Kath’s songs from the likes of Bill Callahan, Devendra Banhart and Mark Kozelek.

For Pass Through Here, Kath travelled far from her Connecticut home to record in California with a coterie of freewheeling West Coast folk rock types, including engineer Jeff Hassay and fellow performer Levi Strom. It’s a distinctive new sound for Kath, uplifted by floating synthesizers and disembodied choruses, while retaining the direct simplicity and power for which she is loved.

Songs are recorded in just a few takes, vocals are captured raw and honest, but the overall impression is as masterful as it is ramshackle. For Kath Bloom, music has never been about finesse but always about feeling. Pass Through Here is emotional, uplifting, haunting and heartwarming songwriting from a master of her craft.