Loving Takes This Course

— Released 2009 —

Catalogue ID # CH064

Product Description

A two disc tribute to the beautiful, heart rending songs of Connecticut folk singing legend Kath Bloom.

Sixteen artists from around the world come together to pay tribute to the arresting, gorgeous songs of Connecticut folksinger Kath Bloom.

Since the mid 70s, Kath has beguiled listeners with her haunting voice and powerfully honest songwriting. In the 1980s she made six albums with avant-garde guitarist Loren Connors which are now highly prized collector’s items. Then in the 1990s her bewitching song Come Here transfigured the Richard Linklater film Before Sunrise.

But it is in the last few years that Kath Bloom has truly come into her own. Beginning with the Chapter Music album Finally in 2006, Kath has begun to reach a whole new generation of fans, including many who make music themselves.

Compiled over two years by Chapter’s Guy Blackman and San Francisco filmmaker Caveh Zahedi (who first met Kath in 1980), Loving Takes This Course features artsts such as Bill Callahan, Devendra Banhart, Mark Kozelek, The Dodos and Scout Niblett.

Loving Takes This Course is a two disc set, featuring one disc of covers and one of the original versions of Kath’s songs.