The Prayer

— Released 2014 —

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Product Description

Digital single

Post-apocalyptic R’n’B man-myth Jonny Telafone returns with The Prayer, the first single from his upcoming album Romeo Must Cry. The track was produced with Alex Akers from Forces. There’s also an amazing video directed by Geoffrey O’Connor, which you can watch here.

Jonny Telafone was last heard on his 2012 self-titled release for Chapter Music. A 20 track overview of his already staggering career, Jonny Telafone came as a four song seven inch single accompanied by a 20 track CD.

Since then Jonny has been hard at work on Romeo Must Cry, his masterwork. Deep, moving, doom-laden and very sexy, the album is the work of a truly original voice. Jonny Telafone’s Romeo Must Cry will be released on Chapter Music on vinyl and digital in early 2015.