Jonny Telafone

— Released 2012 —

Catalogue ID # CH098

Product Description

Jonny Telafone is a Canberra-expat, Melbourne- based bedroom auteur, responsible for a series of incredible cassette and digital releases over the last five years.

Chapter Music is proud to present a Jonny Telafone best-of, taking the unusual form of a four song vinyl EP accompanied by a 20 track CD.

Unconcerned with genre boundaries, Jonny moves between slick r’n’b sex jams, outsider acoustic folk, and apocalyptic sci-fi mini-epics. Many of his releases to date have been on excellent Canberra label Dream Damage.

On stage, Jonny presents his songs like a sedated Henry Rollins, but the recorded works are nuanced, sophisticated and infused with a bleak humour. Jonny’s songs are often mesmerisingly creepy, but they can also be touching, even sweet. Tracks like Pitter Patter and All I Ever Want show the gentler side of Jonny Telafone.

The vinyl single features two brand new songs on the A-side, Spirit Man and Don’t Make Me Wait, with two of Chapter’s favourites on the B-Side, including the no-holds-barred ode to giving pleasure, Make Your Pussy Cum. The accompanying CD includes the vinyl tracks plus 16 other gems from Jonny’s extensive back catalogue.

Already possessed of a cult following from his scat- tered cassette and digital releases, this new compilation reinforces Jonny Telafone’s position as a twisted genius of modern Australian music.