Soul Money Gang Vibe

— Released 2008 —

Catalogue ID # CH060

Product Description

Adelaide trio Hit The Jackpot play simple, noisy pop songs, swapping instruments and sharing vocals.

Soul Money Gang Vibe is a brief gem of noisy 90s-style pop magic, featuring alternating boy-girl vocals and a disarming simplicity and charm

They believe that enthusiasm and sincerity are more important than technical proficiency, and take inspiration from the likes of Beat Happening, Dinosaur Jr. and The Clean. There’s a vibe surrounding these youngsters, and its set to grow once the band hit the road nationally to support this cracker of a release.

The ten tracks on the album were recorded in the second half of 2007 at the band’s own home studio, which has also been used by the likes of Kiosk, Birth Glow, Lindsey Lowhand and Batrider.