It’s Gus!

— Released 1994 —

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Cassette sold out, Digital Sales Only (320kbps MP3).  Grab Just Foolin’ via Chapter’s 10th anniversary compilation Double Figures, and Sunflour from Chapter’s 20th comp 20 Big Ones.

Five songs of quintessential Australian 90s lo-fi by some of its prime purveyors.

Gus was a concept dreamed up by Guy and Richard from Chapter Music/Salty & Delicious fanzine in Perth, after a name they used to describe endearingly funny looking people (ie “that guy is so Gus!”).

As a band, Gus existed for a few days in Brisbane in December 1994,  in the form of Guy & Richard along with Bek Moore from Clag and Nicole Thibault, Julian Patterson and Ian Wadley from Minimum Chips. The played one live show and recorded this five song cassette in Brisbane, recorded to four track by Greg Wadley.

134 is a cover of the Clag song, while the track Indie Pop Sock also appeared on the Spill 3 Compilation in 1995.

Maybe Love is a version of the first song Guy ever wrote back in 1991. A duo of Richard and Bek released one other song under the name Gus on Chapter’s Asparagus Milkshake compilation tape in late 1994.

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