— Released 2012 —

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Digital release (320kbps mp3).

Much-loved Melbourne guitar slingers Dick Diver return with Alice, the first single off their second album Calendar Days, plus a raft of unreleased bonus tracks.

Alice sees the deep pop thinkers in classic full-tilt pop mode, the two Alistairs (guitarist Al McKay and bassist Al Montfort) sharing laconic vocals and trading choruses until other guitarist Rupert Edwards bursts in with some awesome shredding to finish the song.

In and of itself, Alice is pure Dick Diver gold, but the band have also assembled a nifty digital EP, featuring previously unreleased Dick Diver gems Future Self 1 (the precursor toFuture Self 2 from New Start Again), the swaggering Michael Jackson, a great wonky cover of Mum Smokes’ 1949, and an acoustic version of classic Walk For Room, the opening track from the band’s 2009 EP Arks Up.