All The Pleasures Of The World

— Released 2009 —

Catalogue ID # CH066

Product Description

Melbourne minor key pop magicians Crayon Fields announce the release of their long-awaited second album, following up their airy, chiming 2006 debut Animal Bells.

In 2006, their airy, chiming debut Animal Bells was one of the year’s most acclaimed releases, earning a 7.8 review on Pitchfork and voted #2 in the Mess Noise end of year critics poll (#4 in the general readers poll). Crayon Fields have been working industriously on a followup ever since.

In 2008 they released a sneak preview of the new album in the form of a limited edition vinyl single, featuring the majestic pop ballad Mirror Ball, which sold out almost immediately. Another soaring album track, Voice Of Paradise, was also released as a vinyl single by UK label Passport earlier this year, with a video clip directed by diminutive Crayon Fields frontman Geoff O’Connor.

Title track All The Pleasures Of The World was next on the release schedule, earning another Pitchfork rave and Single Of The Week in magazines around Australia. This track has also been released on vinyl, with an exclusive B-side in the form of Come Here, a cover of the folk-pop masterpiece by US siren Kath Bloom, who recently enjoyed a whole Chapter Music tribute album featuring tracks by Devendra Banhart, Bill Callahan and more.

But now, finally, it’s time to marvel at the entire All The Pleasures Of The World album, with its loping bass lines, swooning strings and eerie, hypnotic harmonies. Basic tracks were recorded at Head Gap studios in Melbourne with Neil Thomason (the Slits, My Disco, Ned Collette), and the album was then finished at home by Geoff. Mixing and mastering was done with Lachlan Carrick (the Necks, Gotye, Architecture In Helsinki) at Moose Mastering.

The album is a beyond stunning development on Animal Bells, both poised and precocious. There’s a newfound confidence and lyrical openness from Geoff, and some of the most luscious backing ever heard on an Australian pop record from bassist Brett Hudson, guitarist Chris Hung and drummer Neil Erenstrom. Strings come courtesy of rising pop star Jessica Venables, aka Jessica Says, on cello, and her brother Nick on viola and violin.

Crayon Fields toured the UK and European tour in 2009, playing shows from Wales to Estonia and almost everywhere inbetween. In Australia, meanwhile, they have become a favoured support band of choice, playing with the likes of Cornelius, Stereolab, Built To Spill, New Pornographers, Deerhoof, Mount Eerie, Electrelane, the Unicorns and many more.