All the Pleasures Of the World 7″

— Released 2009 —

Catalogue ID # CH071

Product Description

Limited edition vinyl single featuring the title track from Crayon Fields’ second album All The Pleasures Of The World.

In 2006, their airy, chiming debut Animal Bells was one of the year’s most acclaimed releases, earning a 7.8 review on Pitchfork and voted #2 in the Mess Noise end of year critics poll (#4 in the general readers poll).

In 2008 they released a sneak preview of their second album in the form of a limited edition vinyl single, featuring the majestic pop ballad Mirror Ball, which sold out almost immediately.

Now it’s time to marvel at new single All The Pleasures Of The World, with its loping bass line and eerie, hypnotic harmonies.

The limited edition vinyl-only single features an exclusive B-side of Crayon Fields covering Come Here, by US folk siren Kath Bloom, who has also enjoyed a whole Chapter Music tribute album featuring tracks by Devendra Banhart, Bill Callahan and more.

The album All The Pleasures Of The World was released on Chapter Music in September 2009.