Twerps + Mac Demarco (Canada) co-headline shows!

Melbourne’s bittersweet jangle-meisters Twerps team up with Canadian garage-pop crooner Mac Demarco for a couple of truly egalitarian co-headline shows in Melbourne and Sydney in December.

Twerps have charmed their way through the US, Canada, Australia and NZ in recent years, winning fans and releasing much-loved records on labels around the world. They’re heading back into the studio next month to work on album number two, and will be previewing a bunch of new tracks at these shows.

Here for Meredith Music Festival, Canada’s Mac Demarco wraps his seductive baritone around 50s rockabilly, 60s garage, 70s glam and 80s new romantic for a charisma-heavy swagger through pop history.

After the classic charm of 2012 single Baby’s Wearing Blue Jeans, second album Mac Demarco 2 has just been released locally on Spunk Records.