See the World is the third single from Melbourne project Thibault’s upcoming debut album Or Not Thibault.

It comes out today with a gently beautiful video, suffused with wonder at the natural world. The video was directed by Ashley Goodall, who also designed the Thibault album cover and has made videos for White Fence, Stonefield, Pipe-eye and others.

About the song, Nicole says – “See the World i”s about wanting to be a part of the world and to be aware of what is happening and stay afloat, but also at some point realising it becomes debilitating and all consuming. It’s healthy to take a step back and regroup, and also focus on “good news stories” as well as the usual bad that tends to dominate. I hope people can relate to that on some level. I also really want to one day go on tour with our band but I have a fear of flying. The last time I went somewhere, I went to China to visit a friend about 12 years ago and it was just one big panic attack, so the fear of that happening again is always at the back of my mind.”

About the video, Ashley Goodall says – “Right now the outside world seems ambiguous, distorted, and almost alien to me – having sat inside behind my computer for the better part of this year. This video represents those feelings. It is a small window into natural environments unsullied by any presence of the contemporary world. A brief escape to somewhere indistinguishable but nonetheless outdoors. The aim was to create an undistracting visual accompaniment to the song that allows whoever is watching to escape, albeit only briefly – to somewhere else. The multimedia video for See The World was filmed in between lockdowns at Wombat State Forest, Daylesford, Merri Creek and Tumby Umby in NSW. The video was inspired by Jamie Wdiziekonski’s photograph for the album cover, using black and white imagery and replacing naturally existing colours with baby pink. It uses black and white footage combined with rotoscope and digital animation.”

Or Not Thibault is out on pink+black vinyl and digital on September 4. Pre-order/pre-save here.

“Thibault is like if two of my favourite bands, Stereolab and Electrelane, merged together and were made brand new by Nicole’s originality.” – Kathleen Hanna
“Hey turn that up. It’s really good!” – Adam ‘Ad-Rock’ Horovitz