Pikelet + Richard In Your Mind co-headline tour

They’ve both put out second albums this year, both won heady praise and adulation around the nation for their musical brilliance, and now Melbourne’s Pikelet and Sydney’s Richard In Your Mind join forces for a national co-headline tour of earthshaking incredible-ness.

The wildly eclectic, patently amazing and ridiculously entertaining Richard In Your Mind are still a little puffed up from all the plaudits heaped on My Volcano, which earned albums of the week around the nation and handsome Triple J rotation on its release in June. They smashed a national launch tour in July and are now slavering to get back on the road.

Meanwhile Melbourne’s dazzling, incomparable Pikelet have enjoyed a similarly meteoric trajectory with Stem, which was released to the sound of a million jaws dropping back in February. Flogged by community radio and Triple J alike, and showered in critical superlatives, Stem hit the spot and kept hitting it until a thrilling musical climax echoed across the land.

Separately they were unstoppable, but together Richard In Your Mind and Pikelet are INDESTRUCTIBLE.