NO ZU stream new album Afterlife!

Melbourne’s inimitable Heat Beat explorers NO ZU release their new album Afterlife this Friday on vinyl and digital.

Everyone’s very excited about the record coming out, but if you really just can’t wait another minute, then you can stream the whole thing for the rest of the week via Thump US!

Here’s what NO ZU’s Nic Oogjes had to say about the album:

“The Afterlife album took ages to evolve out of the ZU goo. We started to record it at the end of 2013, but we had no control over when it wanted to reveal its mutant self! We’re all so overly ecstatic about it not only being released, but that it took its time to truly become its own world of references, aesthetics and ideas—the total-Afterlife-World.

“I see it fitting into the NO ZU pantheon as the nocturnal sex dream, sordid version of our first record Life, which was all day-glo idiosyncrasies and spontaneous energy. Afterlife takes Life, chains it up and whips it against the walls of an Australian Hades. Across the record, there’s a very tangible sense of dancing in destruction, as though in a post-apocalyptic country or a land with a dark, dark past that gives the groove more muscle. You can’t keep that Australian sunlight out though—and so, there are real moments, like the brass lines and Becky and Daphne’s chanted vocals, that trigger a real emotional euphoria in me!”

NO ZU’s Afterlife is out this Friday February 5, 2016. Pre-order the album now on vinyl or digital via the Chapter webstore, iTunes or Bandcamp!