New release – Chris Robison’s Many Hand Band reissue!

Chris Robison and his Many Hand Band, released privately in 1973 and reissued now on CD for the first time, was one of the world’s first records by an openly gay songwriter.

Coming just a few years after the Stonewall Riots of 1969, Many Hand Band is a dazzling feat of musical daring. But Chris Robison is not just a pioneering gay musician, he is an all-pervasive presence in New York rock from the late 60s onwards, having played with everyone fron Elephant’s Memory and Steam to Kiss, the New York Dolls, John Phillips and Bob Dylan.

Not only that, Many Hand Band is a totally free wheeling and unique album, coalescing all the sensory overload of downtown New York City life in the early 70s. It touches on folk, psychedelia rock, Latin funk and more, all filtered through Robison’s sly and cheeky personality.