New Jonny Telafone video directed by Jonnine HTRK + Bigsound details

The new video for Jonny Telafone‘s Waking up Crying, just premiered on Noisey, is shot and directed by close friends Jonnine Standish, ‘Jonny’ of HTRK fame, and Frank Valvo, founder of the iconic Fur Hairdressing in Melbourne. After becoming obsessed with Jonny Telafone’s live show, they approached him with the idea of capturing his unusually emotional performance on film.

The song, featuring a verse by LA rapper and A$AP Rocky collaborator Bones, appears on Jonny’s debut album Romeo Must Cry, released on vinyl and digital by Chapter Music earlier this year.

The video sees Jonny haunted by the psychic energy of a girlfriend from a past life, scouring dating apps for relief, and seeking seclusion under various forms of falling water.

Jonny has this to say about the song and the video – “Waking Up Crying is the toughest song about crying probably ever made. Lots of citizens were giving me strange looks when I was doing my hand moves. Everyone was kind to me when I first got in the freezing fountain, but after the second or third take I was shaking severely and no helping hand or dry towel came to my aid. I’ve been seriously, maybe permanently weakened as a result.”

Jonny Telafone is taking his melodramatic, anthemic, emotionally-charged live show to Bigsound next week, performing at Ric’s Bar on Thursday September 10 at 9.50pm – don’t miss it!