New Darren Sylvester video in vocal and karaoke versions

Imagine a world where you could stumble into a late night karaoke bar and belt out your favourite Chapter Music hits. Sounds like paradise, right?

Well that’s the utopian world that cross-disciplinary art visionary Darren Sylvester envisages in his new video for Fresh Face, the fourth single from his 2013 opus Off By Heart. As the screen wobbles drunkenly, you see a list of karaoke options including the likes of Standish/Carlyon, Dick Diver, Beaches and Twerps. But it’s Darren’s own Fresh Face that is chosen, and what proceeds is a stylish slow motion blur of dancefloor lights, beautiful dancers and Darren himself ripping out his usual guitar heroics.

The video was shot at the National Gallery of Victoria on Darren’s own installation artwork For You, one of the most celebrated works in NGV’s landmark Melbourne Now exhibition.

“Even though it was filmed inside my artwork For You, a work designed to make you look fabulous, they needed a security guard to watch over the entire shoot,” says Darren. “So off to the side as we danced and sang at double speed an overweight motionless guard stood smiling and loving his job for six hours.”

Darren has made two versions of the video – a vocal version, and a karaoke instrumental for you to really get the feel for Chapter Karaoke bliss. Both were premiered today on the Vine with a great writeup from Jake Cleland. Check out the premiere here.

Otherwise just enjoy the videos below.