Melbourne pop eccentric Gregor announces new single and debut album

Melbourne pop eccentric Gregor revealed A Song About Holding Hands, the first single from debut album Silver Drop with a premiere overnight via US site BreakThru Radio, who said “his tunes rattle the soul with slow emotional melodies.”

Gregor himself says “I sought to express feelings of yearning and intimacy through the simplest and most modest symbol of hand holding, sung from the view of a person who is in conversation with both their own hand and the hand of the one they yearn for.”

Silver Drop is out on 5 October 2018 on bone coloured vinyl, black vinyl and digital. Order the album or stream the single here.

Gregor was first heard via 2016 cassette Thoughts & Faults on Chapter Music, which Stereogum described as “Talking Heads meets Trolls.”

Playful and idiosyncratic, the tape was the work of an artist still learning how to open up. Silver Drop takes the restless, inquisitive spirit of his music and applies it to his own interior emotional world. In short, love has entered the building, left its mark and Gregor will never be the same again.

The artist himself says “Silver Drop is the result of a yearning to free my self from lyrical inhibitions that, in the past, saw me disguise my thoughts behind timid metaphors and hide my voice behind poor mixing, obnoxious effects and low volumes. I didn’t think of myself as a singer, but I wanted to.”

So alongside propulsive pop moments like This Heat or Fishing Net there are also deep, unsparing reflections like Revise Me, I’ll Prove It To You and the album’s stunning title track.

Silver Drop is a remarkable record, about as touching as anything you’ve heard, and similarly striking for its musical adventurousness. Spacious and delicate, but peppered with acerbic pop moments and extended, loping grooves, the album draws together elements of the Durutti Column, Arthur Russell and The The, all filtered through Gregor’s increasingly personal vision.

Imagine if the solo albums of Holger Czukay from Can containted unstinting examinations of the soul, and you’ll get a hint of the sound and feeling of Silver Drop.

Live, Gregor performs with a full band, and has played Dark Mofo, Camp Doogs and Boogie Festival.