Jessica Says reveals new video via The Fader + album pre-orders

The amazing Jessica Says has just premiered her new single and video via The Fader. Rock Candy is a dreamy, playful fantasy of masculine beauty, and is the second single from Jessica’s upcoming new album Do With Me What U Will. The song is produced by Jessica alongside electronic auteur Darcy Baylis and Jessica’s longstanding collaborator Geoffrey O’Connor. The video is directed by Jessica and Amy Dellar of Indoor Fountains.

Do With Me What U Will is out on May 19 on vinyl and digital and is available for preorder from the Chapter webstoredigital stores and Bandcamp.

Of Rock Candy, Jessica says:

“‘Rock Candy’ is about the re-awakening of desire following a period of introspection, about being an adult but feeling like a 13-year-old kissing your Leonardo DiCaprio poster goodnight. It’s about younger men, masculine beauty in general, and all the romantic situations that are unsustainable but invigorating. The video embodies a saccharine fantasy land of beautiful youths pillow fighting and living only for pleasure, a pastel-toned world where there is nothing more to do than lie around all day thinking about your crush. I think there can be a therapeutic power to fantasy, which is something I have noticed more since working in public mental health.”