Gregor reveals first single + video from new album Destiny

Melbourne prog-pop eccentric Gregor has just revealed The Rock (and the Stars), the first single from his new album Destiny.

The quizzical, gently beautiful track has an endearing homemade video, featuring the artist and his cat Bug traversing hand-drawn, animated landscapes. Gregor just hosted a Youtube premiere of the video, which can be seen here.

About The Rock (and the Stars), Gregor says: “I was searching for the simplest metaphors for self-reflection I could find, that still satisfied my desire for natural imagery and expressed the strong feelings I have that everything is connected. More specifically, this song is about taking a moment to consider the change that has occurred in your life since the last time you took such a moment, and recognising this gesture itself as the thread that connects you to yourself, irrespective of time and circumstance.”

Gregor’s second album Destiny takes the spacious, inquisitive pop of his acclaimed debut Silver Drop and puts it through a warped filter. Beginning gently, the album grows progressively haunted, with images reflecting and refracting until Gregor’s much-loved bedroom pop is completely reimagined.

As always, Gregor plays virtually every instrument on the album.

Gregor also plays bass in Laura Jean’s live band and sings backup on Sweet Whirl’s recent album How Much Works. With a live band of up to nine people, Gregor has played festivals such as Golden Plains, Dark Mofo, Camp Doogs, Boogie Festival, Something Unlimited and The Others Way (NZ).

The Rock (and the Stars) is out Tues Aug 11.

Destiny is out on November 13 on silver vinyl and digital. Pre-save or pre-order here.