Download the new single from Geoffrey O’Connor

Premiered on Pitchfork today in downloadable form (check it out here), Whatever Leads Me To You is the lead single from Vanity Is Forever, Crayon Fields frontman Geoffrey O’Connor’s first album under his own name.

The song’s richly-cultivated seduction fantasy plays out over wide-screen synthscapes, classic stadium drums and flanged orchestral sweeps, creating a world at once ethereal and strikingly vivid.

Two years in production, Vanity Is Forever is Geoffrey’s most fully-realised album to date, a synth-laden soap opera that shifts between seductive high-production dance hits, suave funk joyrides and modern synthetic power balladry.

A steamy video for Whatever Leads Me To You will also accompany the single’s release.

The album Vanity Is Forever is released by Chapter Music on 24 September 2011.

Upcoming shows:

July 29

Kelvin Club, Melbourne

Offshore Radio Theatre show

August 20

Buffalo Club, Melbourne

Whatever single launch with Teeth Tongue + special guests

October 19

Toff In Town, Melbourne

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