Dick Diver – Melbourne album launch & instore

Much-loved Melbourne guitar slingers Dick Diver return with their second album Calendar Days, and announce a Melbourne album launch. They also play a free, all ages instore at Polyester Records’ city store next Friday (the day of the album’s release), and this weekend play at Golden Plains!

Previously known for their scratchy, dueling guitars and laconic delivery, Dick Diver throw a few curveballs on Calendar Days. The first sound on the record is the tick of a drum machine, and there are keyboards, saxophones, pedal steel and tinkling piano. It’s the sound of a band growing up, loosening their collars, and opening up.

Throughout the album, there‘s a beguiling, inquisitive eccentricity, combined with a non-flag-wearing Australian-ness, that makes Calendar Days something of a modern classic.

Word about the band is also spreading outside Australian borders. In May, Dick Diver will be sharing a vinyl single with one of bassist Al Montfort’s other bands Lower Plenty, as part of Matador Records’ 2013 singles club series.

The rest of the country will have to hold out until July to see the band, after multitasker Al Montfort returns from a US tour with two of his other other bands, Total Control and UV Race.