Cannanes Communicating

Cannanes great lost album available again

Celebrating their 30th birthday this year, The Cannanes are all time heroes here at Chapter Music. Their awesome 2000 album Communicating At An Unknown Rate has just been given a Lost Album rave via the Double J website.

To celebrate, we have made the album digitally available for the first time ever, you can get it via the Chapter webstore, iTunes or Bandcamp.

In early 2000, UK noise-pop mainstay Steward (Boyracer) found himself in Sydney with the Cannanes in the process of recording an album. No one expected this to happen, but it did. The Cannanes at the time were: Stephen O’Neil, Andy Coffey and Frances Gibson

The album was originally released (with different mastering) in the year 2000 on CD by Yoyo Recordings of Olympia USA and on 12” (picture disc) vinyl by 555 Recordings of Leeds UK.