A Certain Ratio rework NO ZU for new EP

Melbourne Heat Beat octet NO ZU present a EP of remixed/reworked tracks from their 2016 album Afterlife, including new versions of Body2Body and Spirit Beat by their 80s post-punk heroes A Certain Ratio and Jonny Sender of Konk.

The Body2Body – Do The Du ZU rework by A Certain Ratio represents the Manchester icons’ first new studio recording since 2008. ACR’s Martin Moscrop has this to say about the experience:

“We first got to hear about NO ZU when the legendary Manchester DJ Jason Boardman introduced us to the band with a view of doing a remix.  We really liked what they were doing musically and we thought a collaboration where we played on the song would work better than a remix. We approached Body 2 Body like one of our own tunes and injected some classic ACR feel into the production. We added bass, drums, guitar, trumpet and 303 acid bassline by jamming around the vocal and the structure of the song. The ideas were recorded in Manchester and there are snippets of classic ACR tracks in the rework including Do the Du, hence the name of the mix.

It’s the first recording ACR have done together since 2008 and we were highly motivated by the collaboration and enjoyed working with our new friends down under.”

The BODY2BODY2BODY EP also includes NO ZU’s own remixes of both Body2Body and Spirit Beat. It will be released on 12″ vinyl and digital in March 2017 – pre-order your copy now and get the ACR rework as an instant download, or grab it as a standalone track here.