2015 – the year that was (according to various Chapter luminaries)

2015 was a whale of a year here at Chapter HQ! We put out epochal new albums from Twerps and Dick Diver, Crayon Fields waltzed back into our lives after a six year break, the Smokey reissue we worked on for five years finally came out and bowled everyone over, and we put out new records for the equally incredible, but incredibly dissimilar Kath Bloom and Jonny Telafone. Plus we introduced The Goon Sax to the world and teased everyone with tracks from the NO ZU album due early next year. And we hit a million plays on our Soundcloud page (driven largely by our most played track ever, the Tornado Wallace dub of Looking Back by Andras & Oscar)!

But enough about us, how was 2015 for our artists? Here are some poignant reflections on the year that was, from some of our most poignant superstars.

Laura Jean Top 10 notable coffee orders I received in the cafe I worked at in 2015 (with comments)


Decaf long black with choc sprinkle (this is from my Mum unfortunately)
Cappucino no choc (what’s the point)
Flat white in a latte glass (lol)
Large flat white hot as as lava (gross)
Very very weak hot choc (half a teaspoon max) with self brought lactose free milk (why pay 4.50 just use a microwave and whip it with a fork)
Cup of boiling water (brought their own teabag, cheapskate!)
Super hot large soy decaf latte (I can’t even)
Magic filled up 4/5ths to line indicated by customer and marked on latte glass with no teaspoon pls (have to believe we are magic, nothing can stand in our way)
Earl Grey Tea, no milk (spoken in strongest northern English accent possible by cutest old man in world)
Deconstructed short macchiato (the tiny blob of milk in separate jug)

Evelyn Morris (Pikelet) – Top 10 Live Musics in 2015


This is mostly from the second half of the year because I have a terrible memory/so much has happened this year.

Senegambian Jazz Band
Simona Castricum
Two Steps On The Water
Lisa Salvo band
Rogue Wavs
Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing (NZ)
All The Weathers

Jonny Telafone – My top 5 people/Things in no particular order

darth telafone

Howdy Partners…My top 5 people/Things in no particular order are as follows:

Sarah Mary Chadwick for Aquarius/Gemini song and video
David Bowie for Blackstar song and video
Kylo Ren from Star Wars for being a Darksided lunatic and having an excellent mask
Ween for reforming
Gregg Turkington AKA Neil Hamburger for the sad and surreal movie ‘Entertainment’

Darren Sylvester- Pieces of interest in 2015


Dior’s Haute Couture Spring Summer 2015 collection
Jessica Pratt, On Your Own Love Again – Acoustic guitars with chorus pedals
Frank Ocean’s Aaliyah cover You Are Luhh
Rihanna, James Joint – I’d love an album of these.
Rôisin Murphy, Hairless Toys – Love the production. Love the videos.
U.S. Girls, Half Free
Loewe Spring Summer 2016 Women’s collection

Fran Gibson (The Cannanes) – Top 5 Curious Things of 2015 in no particular order


1. Probably the biggest surprise for 2015 was that when we left to go to the USA on tour, Tony Abbott seemed firmly ensconced in the Prime Minister’s position, but a few weeks later Malcolm Turnbull ruled the roost. The best insight I heard on this development was from Chapter Music’s Ben O’Connor who sagely noted: “A turd in a leather jacket is still a turd.”
2. In other curious political news, in June this year our local Nationals senator Bridget McKenzie announced she was going to write to the Queen to have the RSPCA stripped of the Royal in their title because they had decided to take a more activist role in trying to stop live exports and hunting. So far to my knowledge the Queen has not indicated her views on the matter to Bridget.
3. On a more personal note, the fact that the Cannanes show in Arcata, Oregon this year actually happened at all was another unexpected curious development. Driving into the charming seaside town of Arcata, we were greeted by a number of stoned individuals, no sign of a PA and just a few youthful hippy types serving up tater tots in a small bar which (thank god) served red wine in very respectable serving sizes. Still, an hour or so later with the concerted endeavours of those talented Cannanes (luckily we had 6 of them on this trip), it magically transformed into a real show which I have to say was enjoyed immensely by all concerned.
4. The increasing prevalence of useless activities indulged in by humans never ceases to surprise. As Nathan Heller in a recent edition of the New Yorker pointed out “For most of history, counting one’s daily steps or tracking one’s heart rate would have seemed pointless and insane.” If we add to those activities, adult colouring books, constant pedicures and manicures, washing cars and facebook, really many of us may just as well not bother being alive at all.
5. When solicited for a contribution for this Top 5, Stephen O’Neil said he was most recently surprised by a daring curious key change in Track 4 on the new Enya record- a song otherwise presenting purely as filler.
So!……there you have it….looking forward to a more curious 2016.

The Goon Sax Top 5 veggie burgers in Brisbane, 2015


1. Red ocean sea food veggie burger
The ultimate value for money. The patty is soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside, deep fried to perfection. What the patty is made of remains a mystery, but some mysteries are better left unsolved right? Pair this with crunchy lettuce, juicy tomato, some grated carrot, and a slice of floppy cheese (unless you’re Louis). All for under $5. Riley used to live 100 metres up the road from this place on Musgrave Road in Red Hill, and after a few visits the friendly staff remembered our order.

2. Croquette burger at Moss Burger
Crunchy fresh tasting lettuce, a well friend patty, Sauce of similar taste to soy but thicker, on a perfectly toasted bun makes for a completely different experience to you average veggie burger. Decent size and $3.40 (if you want cheese) “This should be number 1, legit so good” – James

3. McDonalds cheese burger, no patty (no cheese, for Louis) (Double pickles, for Louis)
This one is very easy on the stomach and much tastier than it sounds. + If you buy a meal you can get extras for just 40 cents! The only issue with these is the judgement from MacDonalds staff members.

4. Kelvin Grove Seafood and takeaway veggie burger.
Similar to the previously described, but unrivalled Red Ocean Sea Food veggie burger. Situated near James’ house in Kelvin Grove, these veggie burgers have come in pretty handy. The unfriendly staff and time spent waiting are worth it.

5. Coffee Laboratory veggie burger (featuring the woolworths lentil patty)
Although this burger is in 5th place for a reason, it’s still pretty good. We had these when we were recording a few months ago. I think looking back it’s probably the happy memories which make this burger so wonderful.

Alex Macfarlane (The Stevens, Twerps) – Top 5 RIP in no order


Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor
Ornette Coleman
B.B. King
Chris Squire
Lemmy – RIP Motorhead

Ben O’Connor (Chapter Music) – 5 non-Chapter Music music things that happened in 2015 that I loved without reservation


Kaka by Coolies (Feeding Tube Records)
Electric Glitter Boogie by Power (Cool Death)
Inga Copeland live at St John’s Church, Hackney
The Pastels live at Primavera
Robert Forster live at Thornbury Theatre

Guy Blackman – top 5 vitamins/crackpot health pills I ingested in 2015


Astaxanthin – made from red algae, it’s one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants
Niacinamide – otherwise known as Vitamin B3, or even nicotinamide, which doesn’t have a particularly healthy ring to it, niacinamide is like herbal ecstasy and when you first start taking it you can get hot flushes.
Boron – you could just dip your finger in some borax from the hardware store, but I prefer to take this in pill form, to help guard against inflammation.
Dr Stephen Langer’s Ultimate 16 Strain Probiotic, with Trace Minerals & FOS – because gut health is brain health is just health, really.
R-ALA – My dad sent this one to me, I don’t even really know what it does.

Happy new year everyone! PS Don’t forget we’re having a big party in March! Chapterfest 24 is happening at the Gasometer Hotel on Saturday March 5, and the first lineup announcement includes The Goon Sax, The Stevens, Crayon Fields and Little Ugly Girls! Tickets here.