The Ancients were formed in the late 2000s by solemn fretwizard guitarist Jon Michell after his tenure in celebrated supergroup Mum Smokes, who played a Dirty Three-curated All Tomorrow’s Parties in 2007, and whose 2009 double album Easy/House Music became an Australian underground hit.

The band’s lineup has shifted around Michell over the years, but on new Chapter album Night Bus it includes keyboardist Yuko Kono (of Japanese band My Pal Foot Foot), drummer Julian Patterson (a former Mum Smokes cohort who has also played in Kes Band and Minimum Chips, amongst others), and bassist Georgina Ward (Function Group, Moon Dice). Since the record of Night Bus, the band has lost Kono, but been augmented by guitarist Hamish O’Neill (Moon Dice, Isle Adore) and keyboardist Sophie Perillo (Hi God People).

The band self-released a split single with buddies Twerps in 2010, while previous album The Ancients 2 was relased on the Sensory Projects label in 2010, and first album The Ancients was released in 2009 by UK label Moteer.