For more than 15 years, Tokyo, Japan’s Tenniscoats have been keyboardist/vocalist Saya and guitarist Takashi Ueno.

The duo have brought equal parts meditative intensity and whimsical humour to a series of acclaimed psychedelic albums, beginning with 2000’s The Theme Of Tenniscoats. But Tenniscoats have rarely released music without collaborating with others. Most famously, they teamed up with Scottish indie pop legends The Pastels in 2009 for the wonderful Two Sunsets album on Domino Records.

They also worked with Swedish group Tape for 2007’s Tan Tan Therapy and followup Papa’s Ear (released in January 2012), as well as US outsider pop icon Jad Fair for 2011’s Enjoy Your Life. Saya has also released an album with Satomi Matsuzaki from Deerhoof under the name One One, while Ueno and Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier occasionally perform live as Can Can. In fact, 2011 album Tokinouta is one of the few releases attributable to Tenniscoats alone.

Chapter's Ben O'Connor and Guy Blackman met Saya and Ueno during their year living in Tokyo in 2003, and formed a strong friendship that has resulted in 2005's Live Wanderus and 2012's All Aboard! albums, as well as many Australian tours for the Japanese duo. The band played the Perth and Brisbane Festivals in 2009, toured with Deerhoof in 2010, and played Perth’s Life Is Noise festival in 2012.