When propeller pop band Sleepy Township broke up in 2002, guitarist/vocalist Mia Schoen and drummer Larry G regrouped with the addition of NZ-born axe slinger Marc Regueiro-McKelvie and bassist Mindy Mapp (Fur, Little Ugly Girls).

Mapp remained long enough to appear on first album Considering in 2003, then was replaced by Brad Cosier for Is It Real (2007) and Out Of the Ground (2008). On Cosier's departure the band underwent a period of inner contemplation, but re-emerged with new bassist Toby Dutton (ex Flywheel) and a renewed dedication to their ragged, intelligent pop, always with its centre of molten warmth.

They released fourth Recovery in 2011, their first for Chapter Music. Like their debut, it was recorded by the band at their home studio in Jacana, but New Estate had honed their recording skills in the intervening years and brought a wealth of new life experience and musicianship to Recovery.

Mia and Larry’s history with Chapter Music, together and separately, dates back to its very first release in 1992. Their fine work in bands such as Sleepy Township, Molasses, Mustang! and Driving Past is dotted across a large part of Chapter’s early catalogue, so with Recovery, they made an endearing, warm-hearted and very welcome return to the label.