Jonny Telafone is a Canberra-expat, Melbourne-based auteur, working in a genre that could be best described as post-apocalyptic R’n’B.
After a series of self-released cassettes and digital EPs (compiled by Chapter in 2012), Jonny Telafone released his official debut album Romeo Must Cry on Chapter Music in February 2015.
The album presents a darkly sexual near future, both disturbing and alluring. The world could end at any minute, oblivion lurks around every corner, but there are still human connections to be made amidst a gleaming metropolis.
Seductive first single The Prayer was posted on Pitchfork, Indie Shuffle, Flavorwire and elsewhere.
The album features contributions from LA rapper Bones (as heard on ASAP Rocky’s latest album) plus members of The Ocean Party, TV Colours, Danger Beach, Forces and Orbits.
Live, Jonny’s music takes on a surreal, often shirtless intensity. He has shared stages with the likes of HTRK, Kirin J Callinan, and Client Liaison, and played Melbourne Music Week and White Night Festival.