Chris Robison's 1973 self-released solo album Many Hand Band is a pioneering document of gay liberation, as well as being a totally freewheeling and unique album.

It touches on folk, psychedelia rock, and Latin funk, coalescing all the sensory overload of downtown New York City life in the early 70s.

But Many Hand Band is just part of the Chris Robison story, which takes in a stint in 60s bubblegum pop band Steam ("Hey Hey Na Na Kiss Him Goodbye"), downtown political rockers Elephant's Memory (famous for backing John & Yoko on Some Time In New York City), and a post-Johnny Thunders lineup of the New York Dolls.

The story is partly told in the liner notes to Chapter's 2009's CD reissue of Many Hand Band.

As friend Angie Bowie says, “Chris’ bisexual stance and pretty pout invigorated rock’n'roll.”