Fairest Of Them All

— Released 2016 —

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First single from forthcoming second album Do With Me What U Will, to be released by Chapter Music on vinyl and digital in early 2017.

Fairest Of Them All is about being a girl just out of high school, when you are at your most beautiful and also your most insecure, and how vulnerable that makes you in encounters with predatory older men. It’s also about ageing, about not being a babygirl or a Lolita girl anymore, and how we seem to never inhabit our own youth, our ‘prime’ or our ‘peaking’. Even a twenty one year old can feel spoilt, weathered, when our identities are constructed on sexual desirability.
I recorded my parts of the song with Geoffrey O’Connor, who is my oldest friend and the only person I have ever really recorded vocals with. Most of the production was done by Darcy Baylis and his friend Joseph Buchan. Darcy is very sensitive and was able to articulate my intended meaning through sound without me needing to explain anything. The arrangement of my cello parts in the coda reminds me of early Disney, which is important because the line ‘fairest of them all’ is of course borrowed from Snow White.”
– Jessica Says