Unconcerned with genre boundaries, Jonny Telafone moves between slick R’n’B sex jams, outsider acoustic folk, and apocalyptic sci-fi mini-epics.

On stage, Jonny presents his songs like a sedated Henry Rollins, but the recorded works are nuanced, sophisticated and infused with a bleak humour. Jonny’s songs are often mesmerisingly creepy, but they can also be touching, even sweet.

Already possessed of a cult following from his scattered cassette and digital releases, the Chapter compilation reinforces Jonny Telafone’s position as a twisted genius of modern Australian music.

He has become a support artist of choice for Australian artists such as Kirin J Callinan, World’s End Press, Client Liaison, Bored Nothing and Standish/Carlyon, and gave darkly memorable performances for Melbourne Music Week in both 2012 and 2013.

Jonny is now hard at work on his first album proper for Chapter Music, due for release in 2015.